About Arenal Mundo Aventura

Who we are

Located in La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica, 1.5 km (1 mile) south of the Catholic Church, we have been declared a Tropical Ecological Park, and have a wide array of natural, cultural, and adventure tours which promise visitors unforgettable one-of-a-kind experiences in Costa Rica.

Arenal Mundo Aventura was created through the dreams and plans of 4 business partners, and opened its doors in 2005.

The primary objective is and was to conserve the rainforest and the environment, combining that with ecotourism and responsible adventure tourism. With this project we have managed to reforest a large amount of land, of which we currently only use 10% in our daily operations.


We are the ecological park which protects, maintaining 560 hectares of tropical rainforest in its natural state, allowing for the enjoyment of the greatest adventure, cultural awareness, and educational tours, all with excellence and in complete harmony with the environment.


To be the preferred destination for national and international tourists who wish to take part in tours in the tropical rainforest; be they adventure, cultural, or educational tours; highlighting the natural history trails. To position ourselves as the best eco-tourism company in Central America, recognized for our high quality services, high ecological conscience, and respect of our ancestral cultures.

Our Values

At Arenal Mundo Aventura we work hard to be the best and our values are reflected in our daily work.


At Arenal Mundo Aventura we act correctly, value our company, respect its policies and protect its interests, performing our work in a moral manner, especially in reference to respecting other people’s belongings, fulfilling our work schedule, assuring customer satisfaction.

Respecting Others

At Arenal Mundo Aventura, we are all important pieces to the puzzle of the overall Company objective; “Park visitors – completely satisfied”. Therefore, we respect the hierarchy, and our co-workers with professionalism and humanity, and we are proud to work together as a team.

Confidence in the Future

As Arenal Mundo Aventura employees, we know that it is important for humanity to protect the rainforest and all of its biodiversity; we are convinced that we work for a company with a rewarding vision and that we grow with the Company, and we will earn the respect of the national and international community as we accomplish all that we set out to.


At Arenal Mundo Aventura we all practice the necessary punctuality, adding to our personalities and character, order and efficiency, understanding that as we practice this value we become able to do more, work better, earn confidence in our work, and provide a more complete customer satisfaction.

Arenal Mundo Aventura Ecological Park Internal Regulations

Arenal Mundo Aventura Ecological Park is one of the few places of the world that is maintained highly protected from human exploitation. The preservation of this habitat is a joint responsibility, therefore when visiting, we ask that you abide by the following regulations