La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Culture Tours

Immerse in the way of living in the indigenuos Melaku tribe & help us preserve their territory & culture with your visit.



Discover the Maleku indian's culture, their lenguaje and traditions, and help them continue to protect their cultural legacy.

Arenal Mundo Aventura, not only offers adventure activities and environmental education; the Ecological Park during its 8 years of existence has acquired the commitment to protect the cultural roots.

This is why: Villa Maleku was created, and opportunity open to anyone who wishes to share and learn about Costa Rican legacy. The Maleku indigenous community is one of the 24 different indigenous territories in Costa Rica; but unfortunately, they fight day by day to try to preserve their beliefs, culture and traditions.

The Indigenous Cultural Rescue Project proposes that students, families and people from all over the world can visit this small representation and this make future generations aware of the importance of language: their favorite food: “the mufuriseca”, medicinal plants such as “the hawk” and “la cuculmeca”, dazes, ceremonies, rituals for burials are just a taste of everything you will learn, but the most important thing will impact more than 30 families that are within this program in a positive way.

Let these images became your reality.

Let previous visitors tell you about their visit to the Maleku tribe.

Kate Miller, May 2022

Wonderfully thrilling ziplining in La Fortuna. This company is very organized and the lines are great - over waterfalls and offering many open vistas - perhaps longer and faster than we'd expected, but what a thrill. Our 7 yr old went zipping with a guide. They kept us flowing along. Loved the hilly trails and woods. "Ronny" was our main guide. He and the other gals were great. Definitely recommend this tour.